Rogslösa kyrka
I've driven past this church steeple a 100 times and never took the initiative to inquire what lay behind the perimeter of trees that hid the churchyard.  I had read a text on the Cult of Omma and it intrigued me to look for the Door of Omma that is apparently kept in Rogslösa kyrka. Yes, swerve off the road here and finally take that hidden lane to a place I've never been to and maybe find a treasure, perhaps meet an outlandish character that invites an alternative storyline for me, who knows...
It was the story behind this door that brought me to it. I'm always searching for a contemplative moment in a place that has anything to do with goddess or pagan worship and according to legend, this door came from the temple of the local fertility goddess Omma. Only in the story it was used as the door to the pigsty and clearly it was a myth to crassly depict the heathens as not having the capacity to revere such an awesome door so fully loaded with Christian symbols. The iron work is 12th century and it depicts the temptation of Eve on the left side and St George fighting the dragon on the right.
Väversunda Kyrka
Väversunda kyrka
Väversunda kyrka

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